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Thank you for your interest in the graduate law programs at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. We hope that this description will give you a better sense of the academic programs the law school offers, the Cardozo faculty, the kind of students the school attracts, and the wonderful New York City neighborhood in which Cardozo is located.

Cardozo School of Law is an exciting, challenging, and vibrant community attracting students from around the world. Our faculty members are leaders in their respective fields. They are as committed to their teaching as their scholarship, leading to a classroom experience that combines effective pedagogy with cutting edge legal issues. Cardozo offers two types of graduate programs: The General LL.M. and the LL.M. in Intellectual Property (IP).

The IP Program is ideal for students who would like to specialize in intellectual property issues in their professional careers. The General Program is best for foreign and domestic students who want to develop a specialization in some other field of law, or for foreign-trained attorneys who would like to be exposed to a broad-based introduction to US law and legal methodologies. Both programs provide courses that introduce foreign-trained students to legal research and writing and the basics of US law and legal systems. In recognition of the differing needs of graduate students, Cardozo allows its LL.M. students to enroll on a part-time or a full-time basis, and to begin their studies in either the fall or spring semester. Cardozo Law School is committed to helping each LL.M. student develop a program of study that meets his or her professional and academic objectives, and provides a great deal of individualized attention to each student. In addition, we offer more informal programs that foster a general atmosphere of collegiality and shared learning that we hope will lead to a lifetime of personal friendships and professional contacts.

General LL.M. Program

Cardozo's General LL.M. Program is distinctive for its flexibility. Students design their own curriculum in keeping with their specific goals and interests. The Director of Graduate and International Programs works closely with each student to develop a program of study that makes sense for that particular student.

Students enrolled in the General LL.M. Program take most of their courses with students from the overall law school population, making it possible to share ideas with a wide range of students from the US and around the world.

Intellectual Property Law LL.M. Program
Cardozo has one of the strongest intellectual property programs in the United States. The intellectual property faculty boasts a prestigious and dedicated group of professors known worldwide for their expertise and scholarship. This core group is supplemented by a group of accomplished First Amendment scholars, and adjunct professors whose practice places them on the front lines of cutting-edge issues in the IP field.

The intellectual property curriculum includes basic and advanced offerings in each of the three major IP areas: copyright, trademark, and patent. Students take the basic course in at least two of these areas, supplemented by other, more advanced courses in the IP and related areas such as entertainment, media, and communications law All students complete a paper either in connection with their IP-related course work or through independent research, under the supervision of a member of the faculty.

A limited number of externships in the area of intellectual property are available to qualified LL.M. students. This program allows students to be placed in part-time, non-paying positions at law firms, corporations, or not-for-profit organizations working on copyright, patent, or trademark issues.

In addition to extensive classroom offerings, the Law School publishes the most widely circulated journal in the field, the Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal (AELJ); has two separate active student Organizations -- the Intellectual Property Society and the Entertainment Law Society; and hosts the annual Cardozo/BMI Entertainment and Communications Law Moot Court Competition. Several times a year, the AELJ or the student organizations present lectures, panels, or all-day symposia. These offerings, in conjunction with Cardozo's location in the country's publishing, art, and entertainment capital, draw a student body with tremendous interest and often extensive legal or non-legal experience in the area.

The International Community at Cardozo Law School
Cardozo's graduate community is a tightly knit one, in which incoming students interact with other LL.M. students. An LL.M. newsletter is published on a regular basis, keeping current students, prospective students, and alumni informed of ongoing activities. The LLM students also get together on an informal basis for events of interest to them. This includes the weekly "LLM Roundtable" as well as events featuring the food, music, and culture of a particular country or region represented in the graduate class. Cardozo's graduate students also write for The Cardozo Insider, the student newspaper. In addition, graduate students participate in the LLM Law Society and have their own representative to the Student Bar Association.

Cardozo is located in the vibrant and culturally diverse New York City neighborhood of Greenwich Village, which makes for a comfortable and welcoming neighborhood for its students. The fact that New York City is also the home to many multi-national corporations, prestigious law firms, excellent academic institutions and libraries, and some of the world's best restaurants, night life, theater and art, means that Cardozo students have the world's greatest city at their fingertips.

We invite you to visit our website at www.cardozo.yu.edu for more information. Please contact one of us if you would like to receive additional material on Cardozo's graduate law programs, or if you would like to talk with a current LL.M. student or alumnus:

Toni M. Fine
Director, Graduate & International Programs
212/790-0361 (tel)
212/790-0232 (fax)


Amy Gewirtz
LL.M. Program Coordinator
212/790-0250 (tel)
212/790-xxxx (fax)


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