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Becker College
Becker College

That’s right: games. We offer two state-of-the-art programs that accommodate the increasing demand of the burgeoning video game industry: Computer Game Design and Computer Game Development and Programming. We also offer programs in Graphic and Interior Design. All of our design programs combine your artistic flair with the solid technological foundation you need to become a high-demand professional in the design field.

  • Computer Game Design
  • Computer Game Development and Programming
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior Design

We’ve been on the cutting edge since 1784 Still a “hotspot”, our high-tech campus is entirely wireless and we’ll equip you with your own laptop.We unite marketplace demands with your passions and offer distinctly innovative, exceptional four-year degree programs such as Equine Management, Criminal Justice and Early Childhood Education. Located on two convenient campuses, we are less than an hour from Boston, 3 hours from New York City, and we are 70 miles or less from 3 international airports. When you graduate with an Becker Collegeunparalleled education, you’ll be a high-demand professional. We deliver first-quality education and discover unique, high-demand career niches that set us – and you – apart from the rest.

For more information, email us at admissions@becker.edu.


Becker College


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