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Why Choose SUNY:
A World of Choice

You might think that with over 465,000 students on 64 campuses, the State University of New York would be a large and impersonal. What you'll find, however, is many opportunities to pursue your unique goals and interests. SUNY offers a wide range of campus sizes and programs, combined with supportive and knowledgeable faculty and staff. Today's SUNY sets a standard for academic excellence through its varied courses and in-depth learning. Students excel in honors and advanced level work, independent research and study abroad. SUNY offers rich tradition of achievement - including outstanding alumni and faculty.

What is the education like at SUNY?

There are 13 campuses, found mostly in small cities and towns that together offer over 973 baccalaureate and 350 master's programs. Undergraduate enrolments range from 3,000 to over 9,000 in each program. There is also a non-traditional college, Empire State, which enrolls working adults through extension centers throughout New York Sate.

As one of the leading state systems for higher education, SUNY strives to maintain a level of quality and excellence in teaching, research and public service.

One of the ways SUNY fosters this level of quality is by recruiting professors and staff who are among the best in their fields. They include distinguished researchers, corporate leaders, and award-winning authors.

Over 5,000 liberal arts, professional and technical courses of study prepare students for a wide range of career options. These include engineering, business, literature, medicine, agriculture, performing arts, human services and many more.

Some prominent alumni are Eileen Collins, the first woman to command a space shuttle; Tom Clarke president of Nike; Victoria Graffeo, New York Court of Appeals justice; designer and designer Calvin Klein.

Our dedication to quality and range of programs attract top students form New York State and the nation. Not only is our selectivity and student quality increasing, our enrolment is on the rise as well.

What opportunities are there for international students at SUNY?

At SUNY Colleges and universities, you'll experience an enriching student environment. While over one-third of New York State high school graduates enrol in a SUNY school, graduates from every state, and from over 160 countries come together ton make out student body one of the most diverse in the country.

Within the SUNY community there are many support groups and organizations geared towards making international students feel more at home. There are even academic, social and community based organizations that focus on bringing international students together and making them feel integral to the SUNY community.

What facilities and organizations does SUNY offer?

There are 64 campuses ware located across New York State, from Plattsburgh to Binghamton to Buffalo. It would take 11 hours by car to connect the two most distant campuses, Fredonia in the west and Suffolk County Community College in the east. Yet they all share SUNY resources, as well as New York State’s diverse and rich history.

Through SUNY's network of 71 libraries, all electronically connected, students have access to over 18 million volumes and over 125,000 academic journals. SUNY offers access to different cultures through more than 300 international programs of study in 51 countries.

A strong academic background is combined with many extra-curriculars for a well rounded education. There are more than 3, 700 student organizations throughout the SUNY system. These organizations range from academic honor societies to cultural organizations, volunteer work and athletics.

What are the undergraduate research opportunities at SUNY?

SUNY's university centres and doctoral granting institutions have made undergraduate teaching, research, and advanced graduate and professional studies their priorities. They offer a number of programs and specializations leading to bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees.

Undergraduate enrolments range from just under 1,000 to over 16,000 students. All of these schools are research institutions. Several campuses offer undergraduate honours programs that provide students with small classroom settings within the larger university, fostering one-on-one relationship between students and teachers and many undergraduate reinforce these relationships through research projects with senior faculty, playing key roles in uncovering new knowledge.

Students have received significant awards and recognition including Fulbright Scholarships, National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowships, and Goldwater Scholarships. Some research that SUNY has been recognized for is pioneering magnetic resonance imaging and the supermarket bar code scanner, introduce time-lapse photography of forestry subjects, isolated the bacteria that causes lyme disease and developed the first implantable heart pacemaker.

University Colleges
Nationally Recognised Undergraduate Degree Programs

SUNY's 13 university colleges are recognized throughout the country as leaders in undergraduate instruction. Bachelor's and master's degrees are offered in a wide range of liberal arts and sciences, and professional disciplines. These 13 campuses, found mostly in small cities and towns together offer some 973 baccalaureate and 350 master's programs. Undergraduate enrolments range from 3,000 to over 9,000. Our non-traditional college, Empire State, enrols working adults through extension centers throughout New York Sate.

Faculty and staff at SUNY's University Colleges are dedicated to student success. Honours programs, opportunities for independent study and research, internships, and study abroad are ways students pursue unique undergraduate experiences. In addition, a tremendous variety of extra-curricular activities provide even more ways for students to excel.

What are the community college opportunities in the SUNY system?

Students choose SUNY community colleges for a solid start on a bachelor’s degree, an affordable way to explore different interests before choosing a major, or to earn a degree or certificate that leads to an exciting new career.

There are 30 community colleges in the SUNY system, enrolling up to 21,000 full-time and part0time students. A number of our community colleges offer residential living and several have campuses in more than one location.

Students often benefit from smaller class sizes and the opportunity to explore different interests during their first two years of college.

The credits earned at SUNY’s community colleges can  transfer anywhere. More than half of their graduates transfer to four-year colleges and universities. These credits are accepted by both SUNY schools and private institutions. For students that do not plan on transferring schools the SUNY community colleges offer a wide range of degrees and certificates that prepare students for immediate placement in challenging careers

What are the technology college opportunities at SUNY?

From engineering to agriculture, eight campuses offer hands-on education and cutting edge technologies. The programs they offer include business and computer science, hospitality management, auto trades, construction, manufacturing and industrial, and health and medical technologies.

The colleges offer certificate programs, associate degree programs, bachelor of science degree programs, bachelor of technology programs and numerous vocational-technical offerings that emphasize practical learning. Currently their undergraduate enrolments range from just over 600 to 5,000

In addition to excellent academic programs, the technology Colleges take pride in the support that they offer students. Each campus offers learning opportunities in a strudent-centered environment that prepares students for employment or transfer.

For more information on SUNY and a listing of their institutions log onto www.suny.edu


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