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MBA in New York

For Graduate Students across the country and around the world!

New York State continues to this day to be the Empire State. A large state in land mass and population, it is home to many world wide corporations and world renowned colleges and universities, boasting some of the most prestigious graduate degree offerings offered anywhere in the world. In addition, it is home to an unmatched potpourri of cultural institutions, information industries and year round recreational facilities.

New York City is in many ways, a state of its own, a natural destination for international students. As the leading cultural, commerce and communications center of the western world, it boasts unrivaled internship opportunities for students interested in developing into globally aware leaders in media, business, education, service, international relations and government. The City is more vibrant than ever and downtown is going through a tremendous rebuilding effort that already has more residents and businesses present than anytime prior. It is a magnet for tens of thousands of graduate students from across the United States, Canada and Mexico. What better place for students to meet the best talent this country has to offer and the talent imported from overseas?

Students in New York Learn while gaining experience

The classrooms of New York provide many hands on activities that lead students to jobs after graduation. Students in New York are able to really improve their career options because of the many experience they gain during their lessons in the classroom and the many contacts and professional companies they have access to because of their proximity to New York City.

Many international students benefit by participating in Optional Practical Training for one year of paid full time employment in business settings where they can participate in career venues specific to the MBA area of expertise.

Large universities boast tremendous learning opportunities with a broad palate of graduate degree offerings. Smaller, more specialized colleges and institutes, offer niche programs that custom deliver degree offerings to the specific talents and abilities of each graduate student. All benefit from the best libraries and specialized research facilities that no other city on earth can offer!

Recent studies indicate that the MBA continues to be the most valuable career booster when graduate students develop their professional skills in business settings alongside of the theoretical aspects of learning.

A leader in experiential learning and innovative education for the past four decades, Metropolitan College of New York offers international students distinctive accelerated graduate and undergraduate programs. Here students can earn a Master’s Degree in as little as one year and a bachelor’s in less than three.

The college offers M.B.A.’s in Media Management, Financial Services, General Management, Public Affairs and Administration and Emergency and Disaster Management.  The M.B.A. in Media Management and the M.B.A. in Emergency and Disaster Management were the first of their kind. The M.B.A. in Media Management provides media savvy professionals with an overview of the media business and equips them with management skills to plan, produce and promote a new media venture. Expertise in fields such as media economics and finance, multimedia design, accounting for communication arts industries, entertainment law and international business are essential to success in the media management field. Students travel to the Cannes Film Festival as part of a study-abroad component every May and work or intern in some of New York’s best known media organizations. Several graduate student entrepreneurs have inaugurated their own media start-ups. The M.B.A. in Emergency and Disaster Management teaches students critical thinking and decision making skills in order to be prepared in a crisis. This training will allow students to support or supervise effective management in the event of natural disaster, system wide, or human induced crises.

An MBA in General Management provides broad preparation in managerial science with coursework in finance, marketing, information systems, etc. for those who would like to pursue managerial careers. For the past two decades, MCNY’s School for Business has been growing steadily in enrollment and reputation as an innovative center of business education for students who are preparing to meet the rapidly changing demands of the global economy. The MCNY School for Business is preparing the corporate and entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow. An international business component includes a study-abroad offering in London and Paris in late summer.

Most recently a Master of Science in Childhood Education leading to permanent New York State Certification (grades 1 – 6) was introduced.

Learn more and see why MCNY’s degree offerings are becoming a popular choice for students from around the world. For urther information on Metropolitan College of New York’s programs call 1-800-33-THINK, ext 5001; or visit www.metropolitan.edu


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