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Business Programs in New York

New Yorkers love to go shopping because of the tremendous range of first class stores and products that are available. If you decide to study in New York State, you’ll find the same staggering choice of business schools to attend. As a consumer of education, you will find that New York is a world capital in business education. This choice extends from one end of New York to the other; from the Statue of Liberty and Wall Street to the majesty of Niagara Falls to the northern skiing trails, you will find the best business schools for your needs.

New York State is ranked first in the nation in the number of first tier universities based on 70 different criteria, according to the Entrepreneur Magazine in 2004. Plus, there are numerous business programs to choose from, with 105 four-year business programs and 68 MBA programs.

Why does this state excel in providing business education? A major reason is the array of first class businesses that populate the state. There are 51 Fortune 500 and20 Fortune 100 companies headquartered throughout the state. The output of the state approaches one trillion dollars, making it the eleventh largest economy in the world.

This economic might supports business education financially. It also provides students with internships and job placement upon graduation. The reach of these global firms provides job opportunities in New York or the surrounding East Coast states, across the nation, or around the world. Again, you will have more choices and opportunities by studying in New York.

There are many things to consider in choosing the right business school for you. In New York you have the choice of quality public and private schools. The public universities and colleges exist throughout the state. The City University of New York (CUNY) serves metropolitan New York City. The list of the private schools is extensive, perhaps more so than any other state, which again reflects the economic stature of New York. Prominent business programs are “upstate,” like the Simon School at the University of Rochester, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, or Niagara University with its sister school, St. John’s University in New York City. Examples of other prominent “downstate” private schools are Columbia University and the Stern School at NYU.

One criterion that both domestic and international students often inquire about is business accreditation. The premier business accreditation body is The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business–International or simply AACSB-International. Fewer than 3 of 10 business programs in the United States have this prestigious designation. Accreditation is based on many important factors, such as the number of business Ph.D.s on the faculty, curriculum quality, and learning assessment, to name a few. Accreditation means that both the undergraduate and graduate programs have successfully met accreditation standards. You can not have separate accreditation, with one program accredited and the other program not accredited. Also, you will find that firms which send recruiters to campuses will often visit predominantly accredited programs. When choosing a business school, look for that AACSB logo!

Business programs often have very similar majors, such as accounting, finance, marketing, management information systems, and international business. However, there are specialty programs at many campuses that are unique and renown. For instance, Cornell University has a world acclaimed hotel school. They also have an acclaimed degree program in Industrial and Labor Relations. Supply chain management is an area that is increasingly important in industry. Niagara University and Clarkson University both have very prominent programs.

Entrepreneurship is increasingly studied in today’s business curricula.
This trend reflects the increased importance of “growing” new start-up companies as well as the necessity of keeping established firms primed to develop new products and markets. It also reflects the new economy that is being populated by the “knowledge firms” of the 21st Century. It is noteworthy that New York State is ranked second in the nation for attracting new expanded corporate facilities. Syracuse University and RPI have developed entrepreneurship programs that are unique and highly acclaimed. Niagara University has an active Family Business Center which is serving as a platform for entrepreneurial studies.

International studies are often mentioned as an area of interest for prospective business students. Today, more and more programs offer international opportunities. They may range from study abroad for a few weeks to an entire semester or longer.

Internships and cooperative education are also of interest to students. These formal employment programs provide opportunities to practice interview skills, to earn money, and to have valuable experience in your field. Some programs, like at Niagara University, have award winning programs and actually have mock interviews on campus to fine tune those skills. It is best to investigate the extent of the university’s commitment to internships so that you are assured a meaningful experience. The vast array of businesses in New York is a big plus to getting your career started in an internship that is worthwhile.

Your entire business career will be a series of interesting and meaningful decisions. Your first career decision is finding a business school that meets your needs. You will find that New York has the right school for you.

John A. Helmuth, Ph.D., Dean
College of Business Administration
Niagara University


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